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11. The Geometry Management Helper Interfaces

There are two sets of two basic functions, that roughly have the following signatures. First, the ones for primitives:

PreferredSize( Widget w /* input */ );
Layout( Widget w /* input with side effects */ );

and for composites:

PreferredSize( Widget w,                         /* input */
               Widget instig,                    /* input */
               XtWidgetGeometry *instig_request, /* input */
               XtWidgetGeometry *preferred_geom  /* output */ );

Layout( Widget w,                         /* input */
        Widget instig,                    /* input */
        XtWidgetGeometry *instig_request, /* input/output */
        XtWidgetGeometry *preferred_geom  /* input */ );

For primitives, an example of the function to calculate the preferred size is XmCalcLabelDimensions(). The equivalent layout procedure would be the resize() method. Regardless, your layout function or preferred-size function can be modified for different behavior as appropriate to your class.

Danny Backx