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6. Conclusion and Credits

Please keep in mind when reading this document that I'm still discovering new things in the GeoUtils, and I may not be accurate in some places. I'd dearly like feedback from those of you who really know the M*TIF implementation to point out where I'm wrong.

I'd like to thank John Cwikla (again), for providing sample code about how to subclass using the GeoUtils; Chris, for starting this project in the first place; Danny, for motivating me to write this chapter (thin as it is) - I guess it really is a pain to have significant portions of your widgets based on somebody else's undocumented code (I think there may be two or three informational comments in GeoUtils); and the rest of the core team (Rob, Peter, perhaps a few more) for helping out; the team as a whole, for putting up with my mess (what? me opinionated? Nah).

Danny Backx