Have you ever wanted to help out LessTif? Here's your chance.

The LessTif project needs your help:
We need to more fully document the remaining differences between OSF/Motif and LessTif, so we're looking for people who have access to OSF/Motif on some platforms, but use LessTif under others. If you use LessTif and feel like contributing something back, but don't know where to begin, here's your chance.

Right now, we're initiating a campaign to document the numerous test programs that are supplied with a LessTif source distribution, and particularly to document behavioral differences between OSF/Motif and LessTif of these test programs.

We need volunteers to help. All you need is access to on official OSF/Motif implementation, the LessTif sources, and a little time. Please consider helping the LessTif project achieve its goal of Motif 1.2 compatibility.

We're looking both for people who will commit to "owning" a test tree and making sure that the information in it is current, and people who are only able to test things out once (testers). The time commitment involved in being a test "owner" can be large or small, as you can sign up for as many or as few of the test directories as you wish.

If you wish to become an owner, choose a few directories to work on, and register your choices here. (for now, just send us an email). If you're willing/able to fix any problems with LessTif you encounter, perhaps it'd be best to choose tests for those widgets with which you're most familiar, but ultimately all the tests need to be documented.

Detailed instructions:

Owners and testers will need to put LessTif on the machine where you have OSF/Motif (this can be done in your home directory, it needn't be installed globally). Run ./configure --with-motif from the top-level LessTif directory to create makefiles which will build both Motif and LessTif versions. In the test directories, you can use "make" to make the LessTif versions of the tests and then "make motif-tests" to make the Motif versions. After you've compiled both Motif and LessTif versions of the tests, compare the appearance and behavior of each one, and write up a SUMMARY file of the results.

Click here for instructions on creating and updating summary files, or here for an example.

The LessTif Core Team

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