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5. BulletinBoard Helper Functions

The next several functions implement bits of BulletinBoard behavior.

This next function ensures that a BulletinBoard child is constrained within the margins of the BulletinBoard.


_XmGMEnforceMargin(Widget w,
                   Dimension margin_width, Dimension margin_height,
                   Boolean useSetValues)

_XmGMOverlapThe next function implements the XmNallowOverlap behavior (or rather, if XmNallowOverlap is False, makes sure that children do not overlap).

_XmGMOverlap(Widget w, Widget instigator,
             Position x, Position y, Dimension width, Dimension height)

The next function computes the desired size of a BulletinBoard.


_XmGMCalcSize(Widget w, Dimension margin_w, Dimension margin_h,
              Dimension *retw, Dimension *reth)

The next function performs the BulletinBoard layout behavior.


_XmGMDoLayout(Widget w, Dimension margin_w, Dimension margin_h,
              unsigned char resize_policy, short adjust)

Danny Backx