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6. RowColumn Specific Functions

The following functions are specific to RowColumn functionality, but reside in the GeoUtils implementation.

I don't know what this first function does, but it looks suspiciously like a GeoMatrix allocation function, specialized for RCKidGeometry.


_XmGetKidGeo(Widget wid, Widget instigator,
             XtWidgetGeometry *request, 
             int uniform_border, Dimension border,
             int uniform_width_margins, 
             int uniform_height_margins,
             Widget help, int geo_type);

_XmRCGetKidGeoThere is an undocumented function, XmRCGetKidGeo(), that I believe is similar to _XmGeoMatrixGet(). In LESSTIF, I believe this is implemented as initialize_boxes() in RowColumn.c.

That function calls this next function, as well as _XmGeoLoadValues().


int _XmGeoCount_kids(CompositeWidget c);

Anybody out there who knows that this function does?

Danny Backx